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Oriental Art Week


Oriental Art Week
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  • Date: 12 May, 2018
  • Time:7:00 PM — 1:00 AM
  • Speaker: Hani Abbas & Asia Rajoub


  • Venue

    Embassy of Emesa
    • Voltaplatz 43
      Basel, 4056 Switzerland

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Event Schedule

12. Mai:

  • 19:00 Uhr – Eröffnung der Ausstellung mit Gespräch und Diskussion mit Hani Abbas über sein neues Buch „ein Fisch in Noahs Arche“.
  • 20:00 Uhr – Gespräch und Diskussion mit Asia Rajoub über ihre Ausstellung ‚Start-Up‘ 20:30 Uhr – Konzert mit Karma Trio
  • 21:30 Uhr – Apéro & DJ

13., und 14.  Mai:

  • 12:00 – 19:00Uhr Eröffnung der Galerie und Gespräch mit einem der Künstler


  • 19:00 opening of the exhibition with a talk & discussion with Hani Abbas about his new book “A Fish in Noah Arch” 20:00 a talk & discussion with Asia Rajoub about her exhibition “Start-Up”
  • 20:30 concert with Karma Trio
  • 21:30 Apéro & DJ

13TH,  and 14TH OF MAY:

  • 12:00 – 19:00 Opening of the gallery and talk with one of the artist.

About The Guests

Hani Abbas

He is a cartoonist, born in 1977 in Palestinian’s refugee camp of Yarmouk in Damascus. Abbas holds several Arab and European awards like:

  • The International Cartoonist Award of the United Nations, the Government of Geneva and the Organization of cartooning for Peace 2014.
  • The prize of Freedom of Expression in Doha 2013

He works as an art and cartoons teacher at the Geneva International School. He also worked in several arab and international newspapers.


Asia Rajoub

An artist from Syria. She studied Fine Arts from the faculty of fine arts at Damascus, Syria. She is studying now arts at Vienna University of applied arts.

She had different exhibitions:
  • An Exhibition in the Arab Cultural Center of Damascus.
  • A joint Exhibition in /Nassar/ Art Gallery in Damascus.
  • A joint Exhibition in the faculty of fine arts at Damascus University entitled /Intimaa/.

And she won the first place in a painting competition held by the United Nations in Damascus in the occasion of the world day for poverty eradication.

She Inspired by the epic of Gilgamesh (The Epic of Gilgamesh is an epic poem from ancient Mesopotamia that is often regarded as the earliest surviving great work of literature. dating from the Third Dynasty of Ur, 2100 BC).

  • No one can see death.
  • No one can see the face of death.
  • No one can hear the voice of death.
  • Yet there is savage death that snaps off mankind.
  • For how long do we build a household?
  • For how long do we seal a document?
  • For how long do brothers share the inheritance?
  • For how long is there to be jealousy in the land? (10.290-301)

It’s impossible to know what death is, and human life is incredibly brief, so you’ve just got to deal with it. But Gilgamesh didn’t. he saw the death in the eyes of his dear friend, so he decided to seek eternity, although he was aware of his inevitable destiny, but his determination provoked him to paint eternity on the walls of his city, Uruk . If we could stop time one minute only one minute before the war before the inevitable death of our humanity, would we be able to change the future?

Her vision started from a monotonous dimension. A lot of questions that provoked her pushed her to explore. This is why changes of the ego started between two faces of the same picture. Sometimes revolution was a solution. Spontaneity emerged when she managed to reach new visions. The balance in her experience was going up and down. To keep balance, she had to start a new dream and live it. 

Karma Trio

Glaubt dass die Musik die Stimme eines effektiven Weges ist um Frieden und Liebe zwischen Menschen zu verbinden ,und eine Brücke zwischen verschiedenen Kulturen zu bauen. Also haben wir unser Band gegründet. facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KARMA-Trio-1773113386327042/

  • Abdelrahman Mohammad – Saz
  • Asia Rajjoub – Flute
  • Mîral bro – Percussion

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