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The Embassy of Emesa Association sees itself as a gateway to the culture and literature of the Arab world and its related cultures. With an ever-growing library, regular events and workshops, we invite you to explore the urban culture of the Orient. The creation of a place where cultural events can be held and books can be lent a meeting space. The aim of the association is to convey knowledge, to reduce possible fears towards the as yet unknown culture and to find a trusting relationship with one another.


The basic idea for the association arose from the fact that hardly any books can be found in Arabic in Switzerland. Since the access to literature from the Arab world can also be described as very limited in Basel, a new way of mediation should be created with a library. The association works in this way to ensure that education is accessible regardless of personal financial situation.

We offer people living in Switzerland, who do not have the opportunity to come to the library themselves, to send books.

Interested people can use the website or the Facebook group to select our books from an inventory list, which we send them by post free of charge and, if desired, attach the return postage. The books are then returned by the readers on trust basis..


As the books began to pile up, the need for a location increased. In addition, there was a need for a place where one can meet and share what has been read. This is how the cooperation with the society for questions on society and design arose, from which we can rent a space at the Voltaplatz in Basel until July 2018. In November 2017.

We already organized the first joint workshop to build our own furniture with those interested.

From December 2017, the books there will become a limited public library, from which readers may borrow books for free after stating their contact details. As already mentioned, there is also the possibility to delve into the books on site or to discuss them in order to get in touch with other present ones.


In order to avoid the risk that only the same visitors will show up and therefore less mixing takes place, we supplement our offer with regular events. At least once a month a cultural event will take place on behalf of the association, such as author readings, calligraphy workshops, music and dance evenings or guided discussions.

All events should promote cultural exchange and education and, above all, bring together people from different cultural backgrounds.


The project was launched in June 2017. We continue to include novels and books on history, culture, philosophy, science and urbanism in the collection. Since then, the network is growing - authors, artists, organizers and many others want to get involved and participate.

The core team at the Embassy of Emesa acts as a hub for collaborations, collecting ideas and seeking the appropriate way to implement them by clarifying the process and providing the necessary material.

The library is opened and looked after as often as possible (at least one day per week) by a responsible person. People of all backgrounds and areas of interest are welcome.

“I’m almost never serious, and I’m always too serious. Too deep, too shallow. Too sensitive, too cold hearted. I’m like a collection of paradoxes.”
― Ferdinand de Saussure



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